Of uncles, aunties and cousins

13 02 2008

Although I am 44 this year (Allan is 49, in case you’re wondering), I have cousins who are my children’s age and even younger. That’s because my mum is the eldest of 9 children and most of her brothers married late and had children even later!

We visit with them every chinese new year and here are some pics


Some of my aunties – from L to R : Aunty Stella, Aunty Lucy and Aunty Elaine


Uncle Kwan Yew and Uncle Yoke Kong


Allan with my cousins, Lib Yin (far back), Derek (behind Allan), Philippe, Zhin, Lib Jien and KC


Lib Jien with Philippe, KC and Derek




Lib Wen




2 responses

18 04 2009
Lib Yin

haha! my dad looks so funny. and ohmygoodness! such a bad picture of me!! lol I didn’t know you had a blog. I just saw it. A friend told me about it after seeing the pic of me through google. Nice site btw.

11 09 2009
tanveer ahmed

i wont a job any kind of job with your parsonal

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