15 07 2008

There’s a lot of talk about racial integration and there are a lot of ideas, like National Service.  Frankly, I think that if the schools cannot succeed in 12 years to bring a child to value national integration and to respect people of other races, I don’t see how 3 months at National Service can make a difference.  I just think that our dear teachers have the privilege to instill this, especially at the primary school level. I remember the days when our teachers would go all out to help students, no matter what race they were from.  I know there are still teachers who are so committed, but with due respect to the teaching profession, I must say with regret that there are teachers out there who makes things worse by being bias to students of another race. I have heard so many bad stories.

I saw this group of people together at a shop having their lunch. It occurred to me that there were 2 Malays, 1 Chinese, 1 Indian and 1 Thai in the group. True Muhibbah 🙂

Do your bit to help racial integration. Have lunch with your friends and colleagues of different races.  I have lunch once a month with my ex-neighbours, a Malay and a Chinese. We’ve been doing this for 5 years. 

Lets keep the Malaysia Muhibbah spirit flying high!




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