Sunrise at TC Beach, Kuantan

23 08 2008

I know, I know, this ice cream has NOTHING to do with sunsets, but I just HAD to say something about the McDonalds ice cream at the Teluk Cempedak branch in Kuantan…….. you guys do a WONDERFUL ice-cream.  I mean, WHY can’t the McD people in Kuala Lumpur give us this kind of smooth, creamy, FULL 5 loops from the ice-cream machine? If someone from McDonalds is reading this, TAKE NOTE – I DON’T LIKE the ice-cream that is served at the Ampang Point branch – For goodness sakes, this is McDonalds, not brand XYZ! Lets have some consistency here. The ones at Ampang Point are getting smaller and smaller too.


Now, back to my Sunrise story………

Angie woke up at 6am to see the sunrise and so Allan went with her to the beach.  They said it was beautiful.  The skies changed colour many times before the actual sunrise at about 7am.  Then Angie just HAD to wake me up by calling me on the phone.  She managed to convince me on the second call.


All the pictures were taken by Allan with the Nikon.  If you’re wondering why there’s so much noise, its because he forgot to set the ISO and Andy had set it to 1600 the night before!!!




This one below was taken my me with my Nokia handphone.


They saw a monkey drinking the sea water at the beach





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