What’s been happening

5 09 2008

busy, busy, busy………….. so here are some pics – short cut to story telling 

More than 3 weeks ago

Took some young people out for Yong Tow Foo after church – went to the supposedly original Yong Tow Foo shop in Ampang, in front of On Pong School.  Suppose to be good, but it was a let down that day. 😦

Had dinner with Jeff, Joan and Winson – somebody left loose change and a cigarette lighter on the table – we gave the money to the only waitress who was not pretending to be busy – the others pretended not to hear us when we called them


ISKL event

Kah Choon and Kuang Fei

Pang at the candy floss machine

Inflatables in the gym

Joseph at the pop corn machine

Sand art

Zorb balls



Gracehill Bukit Tinggi – Timothy Group retreat

Water in the pool is natural stream water – so its REALLY COLD!

Don’t you just love this?

Xianjin and Jeffery

Andrea – this pic taken either by Xian or Ian, I “curi” from Facebook

Andy on his way down to a painful splash :p – this pic also “curi” from Facebook

David and Yee Ann – this one also  I “curi” from Facebook

The gang in the pool –  I “curi” from Facebook


Part of the group – they walked to the waterfall – pic is blur cos I “curi” from FaceBook


All is not lost in Malaysia – was at the LRT station early in the morning.  There were neat little queues along the platform. They knew where to queue too, exactly at the spot where the door of the train is.  I didn’t know that the train was so packed.  Would you believe, only 2 out of this 3 people in the line managed to get on?  I squeezed in and almost had my face squashed against the window!

Another thing about the PUTRA line in the mornings, they stop for a long time at the busy stations in town. It took me 30 mins to get to Paramount station on Monday (public holiday) but it took me about 45 mins on Tuesday, when it was a working day – so I was late for my class:(

They REALLY NEED to get more coaches – especially for peak times.

I was really wondering why there was this contraption at the Paramount LRT station toilet – I guessed it was for putting your bag, or maybe for handicapped people?

Take a guess?





Actually when I looked around the toilet, I saw a poster that explained everything – its to prevent people from squatting on the toilet – GRAND IDEA – must have more of these in KL – just can’t stand those selfish people who only think of themselves – sigh! I just wish Malaysians will be a bit more civic minded when it comes to the public toilet.

Talking about public toilets, I realise that the public toilets in Thailand, Indonesia and of course Singapore, are clean, in fact, the only dirty toilet I found in Thailand and Indonesia was at the airport – where? at the Air Asia gate – where lots of Malaysians are – they not only wet the floors, they also dirty the toilets! SAD!!!





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