We are coming, Sasha-mon :)

22 09 2008

Next week we will be in Bangkok to visit Allie, Phill and Sasha – her mum calls her Sasha-mon; like Digimon, etc.

Sasha is my only niece and Nic (in Singapore) is my only nephew, so we don’t care that we spoil them rotten! And I wish my sisters will do something about this obvious lack of nephews and nieces to spoil :p  Allan has loads of nieces and nephews on his side of the family, its really not fair.


Anyway, Sasha…… here we come………..

All pics “stolen” from Allie’s facebook 🙂

Sasha at her “gwenpawents” home in the UK – in case you’re wondering about the dogs, they are really, really clean – I know, cos I hugged them and believe me, there is NO SMELL – guess its something to do with their dry weather, the dogs don’t stink half as much – plus Nettie (the dog in this pic) is lavished with loads of care. 



Meanwhile, let me fill you in on what’s been happening 

Last weekend we went for a wedding

David and Ivy’s wedding

We also joined Jason and Jeane at the OM Ships International charity gala dinner (operation mobilisation) for fund raising held at the Marriot. The dinner was hosted and sponsored by YTL, particularly by Tan Sri Dato’ (Dr) Francis Yeoh and Dato’ Mark Yeoh.  They were VERY gracious hosts and sponsors – the service, food, venue was outstanding.  The OM did a great job with the programme – it was excellent. The aim was to raise money for the new ship, the Logos Hope.

It was a great privilege to meet and hear George Verwer.  We took a pic with him – he’s in his favourite jacket – one with the world map on it – he said “if you think my jacket is colourful, you should see my underwear!”

So it was wedding on Sat afternoon, OM dinner on Sat night, church on Sun morning and Wedding dinner on Sun night.

On a more solemn note, I am sad to say that tonight we will be supporting the Kang family at Juliana Kang’s wake service. Do pray for the 2 elderly Kangs, Dr Foo, Juliana’s husband and most of all, pray for Rachel, Juliana’s little girl who broke down when her mother passed away. Despite the many months of illness, with the doctors preparing them for this eventuality, the family will still feel the loss badly.

Tomorrow, Allan and I will be attending a 5 day Haggai National Seminar where I am a participant – it will be 4.5 days of PACKED lectures, really heavy stuff – I need to be mentally, spiritually and physically strong for this – had a quick look at the schedule and it looks frightfully heavy. Do pray for me.




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22 09 2008

less nephews and nieces means you have more to spoil them with… 😉

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