Bangkok 1

5 10 2008

We took a trip to Bangkok with the family last week and enjoyed ourselves tremendously.  Here are some pics of our trip.

Bangkok at night.  We stayed here for our first night before going to Allie’s place because we arrived too late and didn’t want to disturb Allie and Phill.  One of the more convenient places to stay is at the Baiyoke Suite or the Baiyoke Sky – however, they are very strict about charging per person and not per room.  There are some cheap budget rooms available – one is the Regent’s Inn – no frills, but clean and cheap.

Allan had a whale of a time eating at the stalls and enjoying the different kinds of Thai food.

The bags come in different shapes and sizes

This costume shop had lots of really weird stuff – but we found some sci-fi costumes that we could use for our business 🙂

These were definitely NOT the costumes we bought

Tut-tut is a “regional” mode of transport – found out that you can’t use a tut-tut for going to places farther off.  For that, you’ll have to take a taxi or one of the 2 lines, the MRT and the BTS skytrain. Whatever it is, transportation is very convenient.  Just make sure you insist the taxi driver use the meter.

Saw this girl clad in a pink bikini at the Bangkok airport………

………..turns out she is a he 🙂




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29 11 2017

Where was the costume shop located

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