Bangkok 2

6 10 2008


Although Bangkok has 4-lane highways, many of the roads in the town are narrow, and to compound things, there will always be a stall or a car at the side of the road.  Our taxi was “stuck” on the road to Allie’s place because of this stall and another gigantic car coming from the opposite direction.  

That’s when i saw the beauty of the Thai way of life.  NOBODY lost their cool – they just waited and allowed the other vehicle to pass first – no sign of impatience – no blaring of the horn! Amazing and beautiful 🙂

There is no end to the creativity of the Thai people – fancy setting up a sewing machine to do minor repairs on a side alley

The road gets even smaller just before turning into Allie’s place!

….. and then suddenly you come to this beautifully landscaped block of condominiums…..

I must say its a joy to come home to……

the reception area of the condo

the hallway at the first block

Allie and Phill’s living room is HUGE for a condo

Dining and kitchen

Sasha “baby-crib-into-a-bed”

they also provide “tut-tut” service to the main road.

The children made full use of the pool – I didn’t even go near it

Getting Sasha ready

Sasha-mon was the best bit about Bangkok 🙂


Andy’s more serious about swimming now cos I told him that his chest is too small and his frame too skinny.

He learnt the front crawl and breast stroke when he was younger but never really got the butterfly. So he’s always wanted to be able to do it. 

He came running up from the pool and exclaimed excitedly, “I can do the butterfly….. I did TWO strokes!”

I was like, “ok,…. wow, Andy, TWO strokes

Then we have little Sasha – she’s one girl who needs to do whatever she’s doing without any help from others. So, she’s swimming and going, “Momest there, momest there” (translated – almost there) and NOT moving an inch, in fact, she was going backwards. 

She was really getting tired, and almost in tears, but doesn’t want help, so how to help her?


Angie thought of an idea.

Create waves behind her and let the waves carry her along!





One response

6 10 2008

looks like allan had the most fun.. every pic of him was at a food stall!

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