10 10 2008

Prelude to River trip

Allan & I went to the market early that morning (yup, the wet market) – its Allan’s idea of being a tourist – he’s not happy until he’s visited the wet market. Says that’s the life of the place, to take in the sights, sounds and smells! I went with him dutifully as a good wife 🙂

OK, back to our story – Sasha, who sleeps at 7.30pm, naturally gets up at 6am or 7am and shoutshollers, “Is the sun awake yet? MUMMMY, IS THE SUN AWAKE YET?!!”

And so she was pretty much awake by the time we were.  She was all ready and excited about going out for the river ride that day.  It was already 11am by the time we got back from the market and our dear Sasha had already been all hyped up for 4 hours and starting to tire out…..

……which was not a good start to a trip……

she was cranky almost throughout the trip (poor Allie) but she knew and at one point said, “I’m soooo… tired!”

This pic was one fluke shot when she managed a smile.

Sasha on the ferry


Just can’t get enough shot of her 🙂 – even when she is cranky! (oh Sasha, you’d absolutely going to hate me for this when you’re a teenager!)

Angie, Andrea and I on the ferry

On the river

River was very full and had lots of weeds

All kinds of ferries.


Houses along the river bank

Interesting activities

this Wat looks a bit like Borubudur





and guess what?




Angie missed everything because she was sleeping! If only Sasha is able to just drop off like that!




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