Bangkok 5 – Khlong Toei Market

12 10 2008

Like I said earlier, Allan loves to visit wet markets, so I accompanied him to the Klong Toei market, the place that supplies half the city’s fresh produce.  To get there, take the MRT line to Queen Sirikit Convention Centre, then take exit 1 to the Rama 4 intersection and it’s just around the corner


Walking from the station to the market.  Turn left at the end of this junction to get there.

Its a HUGE market

Mostly locals here and very little English spoken, so you’d have to be very good with sign language if you can’t speak Thai.

Sea Food

Everyone busy even though it was drizzling

Cheap stuff here

Live chickens

Cooked fish

Me and the babi-babi

We bought a lot of these big bags to store our mascot heads.

Barisan Nasional in Thailand????

After we came back from the market, we went out with the children, Allie and Sasha for the river trip and had lunch at Pier 9




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