More pics from yesteryear

20 10 2008

All the pictures will look a bit out of balance because I took a photo of the photo with a camera but at an awkward angle!

This is a very important picture.

Allan and I sang at a few weddings but we didn’t usually sing as a family. I’m glad we did for this one, and I’m really glad we have a pic of it. You see, Raymond passed away at the end of 2006. It was unbelievable because he was in the prime of his life (30+), in the pink of health, the husband of a beautiful wife and the father of 2 young children.  Life is so uncertain – that’s why we MUST live it to our fullest capacity, and to God’s glory, something Raymond certainly did.

This was taken at the Astro Roadshow in PJ.  I remember Allan was the emcee/game host for the stage performances and Jien and Azura from Disney World had a few slots as special guests – Our children were really excited to have met them.  Don’t know why Anna was not in the picture

I don’t care what others think, but I think they’re just SO CUTE!!! Again, where is Anna?

this was during the time when digital P&S first came into the Malaysian market. I remember a 1.0 mp camera was SOOOOOOO chun! Anyway, this was a great trip to Redang/Lang Tengah.  Might just take them there again next year when Anna gets back and before Andy goes anywhere, IF he goes anywhere!

chinese new year is a time we always take family pics. can’t do that anymore now that Anna is away. sigh!

2002 trip to Damai Laut with Andrew and Yvonne. I remember Andrew had this top of the range (then) P&S with 3mp and we were all going “wah……”






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