blog a blog everyday ….. its good for the blog

22 10 2008

i’ve been told that i should blog everyday if i want to get a high amount of traffic ……. of course i don’t need that, but its worth a try, just to experiment.

ok, so i’ll blog about what happened today

i went to tesco to shop, then went into popular book shop with my cart, placed it by the side, then bought some stuff, paid for them and walked out of the shop …….. if you think i forgot my cart, you’re wrong, I DIDN’T. 

so i went off, unlocked the car, arranged the seats so that i could put everything in. (the boot of my avanza is not in use for the moment – the catch on the door is rosak)

anyway, i turned to the cart and ….. HORRORS!!!! 

i had taken somebody else’s cart!!!!

so it was, quickly close door, lock door, then push cart back into tesco. as i was walking back in, i saw this harrassed looking man, looking around with his hand on his forehead and i knew this was the owner of the cart as i remember (my memory not so bad after all) seeing him walk into popular with a cart, like i did.

so, i rushed over to him and apologised profusely, explaining and then push the cart into his hands 🙂

…….. walked coolly (must not look too guilty or harassed or embarrassed, mah) into popular, took the cart and left ……… oh and on the way out, i met the guy walking back into popular…….. and apologised again 🙂

poor guy, i hope he doesn’t have a poor heart condition.




2 responses

23 10 2008

aiyo, you never look before you take wan ah?

23 10 2008
christina choong

wah… so ‘big head prawn’ (cantonese translation)…

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