O__ Allan :)

27 11 2008

My sister says my blog has died……….. sigh, I HAVE been lazy BUT its also because (TM and STREAMYX – pay attention) the internet connection at my place is SOOOOOOO SLOW, its quite tedious to blog – esp when I want to post pictures! And to think that I actually upgraded my streamyx and am paying RM110 now per month – for what???? Lately, I have not even been able to do a simple interbank transfer!!!!! 

 Ok, so back to finishing my series on Langkawi, but first thing is to post a picture of Allan – he is now officially “lo-fah” literal translation “old flower” which means he is now long sighted (Presbyopia, NOT Hypermetropia – there is a difference, go google it and find out). So he has to peer over his spectacles to read his messages. I took a snap shot of it – just couldn’t resist – SUPERMAN having problem with his eyes, hee hee hee.  He does look old, but we all still love him, the children and I (awwwwww…….).





One response

23 12 2008
Isaya Mzoro

Dear Alan,
Have enjoyed your pictures a lot.
I expect to be in India and Malaysia in January, what about you?
Will be in Mumbai and Chennai.
// God bless you.
Isaya Mzoro
His Slave

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