London here we come :)

28 11 2008

I really, really need to finish up my series on Langkawi……… after all, this IS supposed to be partly a travel blog BUT 

“rancangan ini tergendala sementara untuk pengumuman penting………”



We managed to get cheap AIR ASIA tickets to London *dances around*

The feeling was “WOW!!!!”

There is a story behind it too.  Actually I managed to get return seats for RM499 (that’s BOTH WAYS!!!!), 

THEN, there was some technical glitch just after I confirmed the credit card particulars…….


somebody stole my seats from right under my nose!!!!!! I’ll know who it is when I get on board, they took the seats I booked and I had to re-book and took the seats NEXT to them *fumes*

that’s not the end – this time, I couldn’t get the RM499 seats to London, so in the end I paid RM579 to London and RM499 to KL. Sigh, its not really the amount of money, but the fun and novelty of getting the cheapest possible seats to London, you know, the kind where you get to say ….. “YES!”  :p

So when are we travelling?

We’re leaving KL on Sept 1st 


leaving London on

Sept 11th







yup, I only realized the next day that I chose to fly from UK on 911 !





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