Langkawi Geopark

30 11 2008


This is the Geo Park and the place to go to if you want to take the cable car.  Incidentally, we discovered a tax free outlet here that sells chocolates at prices that are as competitive as the ones in Kuah – of course different shops have different offers for their chocolates, depending on their stock.  Anyway, its the first  duty free shop that sells chocolates and other stuff on the left as you enter the Geo Park. You won’t miss it, they sell a lot of chocolates.


The GeoPark has buskers like this guy here.


Superman had to take the cable car up to the peak – lost his ability to fly


The view is great……the sea, not the girl


Telaga 7 from the Cable Car (7 wells) – fantastic sight!


Breathtaking view



At the top – air is good too. If you come early, you might encounter misty weather and not be able to see a lot, but if you come late, the queue is terribly long – so I suggest coming early, stick around till the mist clears, make sure you go to the toilet before you buy your tickets though – for the reasons in the 2nd last pic below.


The suspension bridge was closed for repair – really disappointing for us.



OK, the toilet story – All the toilets at the top and at the midway point were closed – apparently for repairs – personally I think they just didn’t want to have to clean it! Such a sad state of affairs. I noticed a few of the tourists were upset about it, including this one here.


This picture has to be small – or else my sister will tell me to do something with my wrinkles again!




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