Jalan Allan’s U turn

13 12 2008

Last month the neighbourhood folks all gathered at the Good Shepherd Kindergarten near our homes to meet with the minister to voice out our concerns about the new access road next to the DUKE highway exit.  We felt it was too narrow.  So we all went, together with our Allan and Friends’ staff.  When the minister arrived, Allan made sure he was right in front and with his loud voice, asked for 2 things – that the road in our neighbourhood be properly re-paved when all the works are completed.  Next, he asked for a U turn at our Taman Hillview Roundabout. (Honestly, I didn’t know where to put my face then because I thought he would be asking for a wider road – I mean THAT WAS why we were gathered there!!) If you know Allan, he can be very persistent and the minister finally decided it was better to listen to this loud man and get rid of him or else he wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the other issues! ha! ha! ha! ha!

Anyway, he gave Allan his word and our local MP who was also there, was the “kind -of witness”.  Happy with the results, Allan went off with a smile like a little boy who’s been given an ice cream, durian ice cream, no less!


A few days back, as we passed the roundabout, Allan glanced at the area and gave a self satisfied smirk.  I noticed it and asked him what he was smiling about and he said, “Ah, they are making the U turn, I feel good about it”

Me – “Huh?”

He – “Yeah, I asked for it, at least I know I have left a legacy behind”

Me- *doink*


OK, granted, Allan did ask for the U turn and I’m glad that the minister kept his promise. Nevertheless, I shall now name this “Jalan Allan’s U turn”.

In closing, as a responsible blogger, I want to give credit to the Works Minister for listening to us and keeping his promise.





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