Hanoi, here we come

5 01 2009

Going to Hanoi next week ……….. actually I’m proclaiming this year as “The Year of Travels”.  Thanks to Air Asia and MAS, we booked trips to Hanoi, Jakarta, Krabi, Manado, Gold Coast, London and Bangkok for this year.  Having said that, I have to stress that, being a responsible mum, I will not be traveling during the months nearer to the PMR and SPM so that I can be with Andrea and Angie for their exams.

Ok, on Hanoi – will talk about it when we get back. In the meantime, have read some really juicy stories about con men and their hotels in Hanoi. Will check on those hotels mentioned and blog about them if we find them to be true, we reckon its our duty to warn others so that they won’t be cheated.





5 responses

5 01 2009
Paul Long

Have a good trip and a good and safe, blessed year of travel!!

6 01 2009

will be cold.. bring a jacket.

6 01 2009

Paul: Thanks
Rose: Yup, will definitely remember – I’m not too cool with cold winds 😦

6 01 2009

I’m heading there too! this Friday in fact 🙂

7 01 2009

HAR!!! Waaaa.. Ma.. Andy, Angie, Andrea still at home you all already travel so much!! Usually people wait until all the kids leave the nest only do their adventurous traveling okay! 😛

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