Hanoi in the night plus the water puppet show

13 01 2009

We went back to the hotel for a rest and went out again at about 3.30pm  (actually, for those who have never been to Hanoi, these “Hotels” are actually called boutique hotels, they are really small and are actually in shop houses)

This building below faces the Hoan Kiem Lake and is probably fabulous for enjoying a cup of coffee or tea and enjoying the view of the lake, but we didn’t go over.  Allan and I went to another place next to the lake for our drinks.


Some of the buildings here are interesting, like this one here.


Although the traffic is really chaotic, the city’s business layout is wonderfully structured – they have a all the businesses dealing with the same stuff localised on one street – like this one here where all the shoe shops are – this is near the Water Puppet Theatre.


Don’t you love those bright red and bright yellow shoes? I know of a girl who will be so stressed here cos she won’t know what shoe to buy with the many choices available 🙂


Dinner time, like lunch time, means you see the locals sitting in every nook and corner eating…..


We tried this side stall food – made on the spot.  Its quite like Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun. One tip : We noticed they always charged us more than they do the locals. The girl next to Allan looked surprised when the vendor told us how much we needed to pay – they obviously pay less 😦

We had the same experience with the mobile hawkers. They would show us a dong note to indicate how much the item was, but then after we took the food, they would ask for more – if you are not terribly in need of the item, I suggest you just give it back and walk off!



This is the Chee Cheong Fun we were talking about


An exception are shops like this where the prices are displayed and the menu has english on it.  Is it more expensive? Well, we paid less for a bowl of noodles in this shop than for a plate of noodles at the five foot way stall just behind the shop!


Food stalls are all over the place – they just set up tables and stools on the five foot way.


I don’t have any pics of the water puppet show, but its worth going for the experience.  One tip : if you are not getting the first row of seats, then its not worth getting the first class ticket (60,000 dong).  Just go for a middle section seat in the second class area (40,000 dong) – both first and second classes are in one hall – the first class nearer the stage. If you have long legs, go for the side seats even though the view is better in the centre because its pretty cramped, even for me with my short legs!




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