Hanoi – Conclusion

16 01 2009

In my first post on Hanoi, I talked about how big groups of Vietnamese workers returning home jostled and push their way through, cutting queue and ignoring dagger stares from others at the airport….and I wondered if that was due to the “survival of the fittest” instinct, making them so aggressive.

This is a picture of them upon arriving, no, make that touch down. YES, literally upon landing, most of them got out of their seats and pushed their way to get their bags, ignoring the cries of the poor airline crew, telling them to remain seated until the seatbelt sign was off.


Yet, when we left, the scene at the Hanoi airport was completely different – groups of Vietnamese workers about to depart for KL to work were all obediently and patiently lining up. I was told that the authorities in Vietnam are very strict and powerful and the people are really afraid to be caught doing something wrong. There certainly were some police at the airport and I saw them doing their job.

So, why did we see such a different group at KL?

Is is a matter of needing to be aggressive to survive when you are out of your own country?


Do they, as like all of us, only behave when we are forced to, like when in the presence of the authorities?


Did they learn their bad manners from those of us who are bad Malaysians? I really don’t know




So its “Good-bye Hanoi” – thanks for the lessons I’ve gained from you…..


I respect the differences in our culture, even when it comes to food…..



I admire the people’s determination, hardworking attitudes and enterprising nature….


….their ingenuity (this lunch table is just a piece of cardboard laid over a stool) and the pretty girls (some of them)…..

And am grateful for what I have, the easy life we have in Malaysia.




3 responses

16 01 2009
Yee Young

I was thinking about getting a wife from there. I heard they are slim and fair skin.

16 01 2009

PYY: Actually, you’re right, they are really slim. In fact, we didn’t see ONE fat Vietnamese throughout our trip. As for “fair-skin”, hmmmm….. yup, that too. Let me know la – I can help you arrange…….

16 01 2009
Paul Long

LOL! Allan and Friends can branch off into matchmaking services! Lots of good money to be made there! 🙂

BTW, I think this is an illustration of the sinful nature – we are law abiding not because we are good but because we fear being caught. But if we have connections and money, then we are not afraid to break some laws…. *sad*

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