totally random pictures….

19 01 2009

Its one of those days when there is nothing much to blog about,….or too much to blog about – all random stuff of course, then you discover some pictures that you had taken to blog about, but never got down to doing it. so this is a miscellaneous blog – of this, that and the other


Want to thank JOHN KIT for the next 3 pictures which he took and gave to me – I think they are really nice




One day I told my neighbour (the bungalow up on the hill as you approach Taman Hillview from the MRRII) that I like to eat Pisang Rastali but that it is so difficult to find. He told me he has some trees and will give me a shoot from one of them – a few days later his gardener arrived with this HUGE FULLY grown banana tree and now its in my garden – just waiting for it to fruit.


Almost everyone who knows Allan also knows that he is the durian king – loves durian and chooses great durian – well, a durian king is not much of a king without his own trees, right, these are our trees planted at the office




Some of our neighbours are pretty rich (them, not us). We saw this car passing by one evening, so we took a shot of it – nearest thing to owning it 🙂


We had 2 walks on the DUKE highway before it was opened to the public – its pretty breezy walking up there – quiet and peaceful. Took our dogs there too – they got a bit stressed after a while, cos there was no familiar scent. They could hear cars, but not see any – so they kept jumping up to look over the barriers


Was driving on the Elevated Highway one day and caught sight of this amazing skyline



Someone asked me why I allow Andy to keep on playing the Rubik’s cube -in this case, its the V Cube. Well, I think its better for him to play the Cube than to spend his entire time in front of the PS or the PC – at least he has to think when he plays the cubes……


Christmas at our office – thanks to Ah Hui for decorating the place.  Ah Hui leaves today for Miri, his home town permanently.  We’ll definitely miss him but its good for him to go back home.  Besides, he can always visit whenever Air Asia has a sale.



Luz, our househelp, has “green fingers”.  since she arrived, my plants have been looking good and we even have our own vegetables – like these here.










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