Krabi – From the airport to Aonang beach, Aonang Buri Resort

19 02 2009


We decided to spend some money on the staff this year and took them for a holiday to Krabi.

So we all trooped into our 2 cars, the Innova and the Avanza, 14 of us, drove to the airport and parked the cars there.  It works out when there are so many.  The good thing about the LCCT car park is the good rate. We paid RM85.00 per car for parking from 10+ on Monday morning till about 3 on Wednesday afternoon.

Got a good rate for 2 vans to take us to Aonang from the airport.  Paid 600 baht per vehicle. A car would have cost 500 baht.

These pictures were taken on the way back but I accidentally deleted the earlier ones 😦

Our earlier driver was Mr Samit 08 53895865 BUT he does not speak English and found it hard to understand us.  The driver for the return trip, Mr Alek 084 8448302, speaks English, Malay and Thai. He also provides tour packages and hotel bookings but we managed to book our hotel for a better rate. More about that later.


The vans are state of the art tourist vans……

see what I mean?


The big TV screen folds downwards and we were shown a documentary on Krabi for our journey.


The ceiling looks like some Star Wars spaceship panel!


As I said earlier, I accidentally deleted some pictures so the next 6 pics are from the hotel’s website.

The pictures give a real representation of the actual place.

Ok, about the price.  We booked this place through the website for last minute bookings.  Only risk is that they might not have enough rooms available if you have a big group.

The rate we paid for was 2000 baht per room per night.  The airport sales ppl quoted us 2700 baht and Mr Alek quoted us 2500 baht. The hotel website has a price of between 3200 – 3700 baht.

Why Aonang beach?

Staying at Railey means you have to take a long tail boat to Aonang and Krabi town.  Railey has better beaches though but its not so convenient if you want to stay till late at night at Aonang town. The accommodation is also more expensive.

Krabi town is pretty dead and the only thing to do is to shop.  The stuff here is cheaper than at Aonang town, but not so up to date in terms of design. Hotels at Krabi town go for a cheaper rate.

Aonang is the “happening” place with lots of restaurants, shops, hawkers, hotels and massage centers.

However, it is quieter and less congested at the stretch where Aonang Buri Resort is, which is just before Aonang town and about 5-8 minutes walk away. No regrets booking this place.



All the hotels are situated across the street from the beach with the exception of one particular one which is right at the beachside, but it’ll cost you and arm and a leg


Yup, my room looked like this, but some of us had a different bed.




John, David and Kevin cooling off after coming back from Aonang beach


Location map of Aonang Buri Resort


More later




4 responses

3 03 2009

I will be going to Krabi this april…and coincidentally,i be staying in aonang buri resort too. How did you find the van that took you from airport to the resort ? 600baht for a van is a great deal.

3 03 2009

Hi M,

We got the van at the airport from the counter on the right side just after immigration. However, do call Mr Alek at 084 8448302. He speaks English, Malay and Thai. Tell him the Malaysian group gave you the contact, then he will know that he cannot charge you more 🙂 Know that you should bargain if you can’t get hold of Mr Alek and have to ask at the counter.

13 06 2009

HAHA aunty veron, our van was 500 baht going and back to the airport for only 400 baht. wooohoooo! beat that!

18 06 2009

Wonderful that you got such a good deal 🙂

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