Krabi – Aonang town

20 02 2009

(P/s: Don’t look at the date on the pictures – they are wrong)

We rented a motorbike for half a day @ 200 baht (RM20) – very good deal, considering that you have to pay 20 baht (RM2) per person for a tuk tuk which will go to one place. We had fun going all over Aonang town.

It was incredibly hot and many guys went around shirtless 


Don’t go round looking for a petrol station – there are none in Aonang town. Petrol is sold at refuelling points at small huts, like any other business.  Allan asked for 60 baht and thought is was very little, but it was almost full. Apparently, 100 baht  gives you a full tank.


scenes from different parts of Aonang Town

This road leads to the Golden Beach Resort


the main Aonang town area, I personally do not want to stay here. its too noisy, busy and the beach here is congested.


Beach on the main road of Aonang town


Had some noodles and pancake at this restaurant. One of the girls here speak Malay but the other two are completely helpless in terms of communicating with tourists

This is their signboard and its important, why?

Certainly not because of the quality of the food – that’s just normal, but next to this shop, is a good place to shop for stuff. Look out for the small and not-so-tall Nepalese ball who hails from Burma.  He speaks pretty good English and gives a very good deal – of course you will have to bargain, but you will know when he can’t lower the price anymore, he just stops bargaining.


This lady below could not understand a word I said and didn’t try to.  She was only in charge of pancakes and when I pointed to the pancake, she kept shaking her head.  I finally made my order when the other lady appeared.


the noodle is pretty good, but ask the lady who can speak malay about the different kinds of sauce that goes with it – there is one that is VERY hot!  you are allowed to have two different sauces/curry in one dish. The salad is free.


Saw this girl having a break


on a hammock strung on a tut tut


David and Kuang Fei at Aonang town


Lots of wonderful sights for the eyes – should see the ones at the islands…….. 🙂


Massage centres are everywhere, but we got a good deal and good massage at Sunset Massage.  Paid 550 baht (RM55) for two hours of oil massage. On hindsight, I should have taken 1 hour of traditional thai massage for 250 baht and another hour of oil massage for 300 baht (RM30)

Yin Mei had never done waxing before and the rest of the Allan & Friends staff paid for waxing session which she accepted without knowing what it was all about – you guess the outcome…..they had about 4-5 people attending to her (plus holding her down) 




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21 02 2009

aiyoh, you terrible people! bullying yin mei like that!

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