Krabi – island hopping to Phi Phi, Bamboo Island, etc

21 02 2009

One of the really “must-do” things in Krabi is to go island hopping. Most of the tour agents ask for 1200 baht per person for a public speed boat.  They will pick you up at the hotel at about 8.30am and send you back by about 4.30pm. The price includes lunch at Phi Phi Island, drinking water, snorkels and visiting about 5-6 places.

We took a package from the hotel for 15,000 baht on a private speed boat for the 14 of us. Apparently, the tour agent, Mr Alek (that I talked about in my previous post) said that he could have done it for 13,000 baht. Of course its always easier to give a lower price after someone has already paid a higher price! Anyway, you can try him out and see if he’s able to give that kind of rate.

We were in high spirits as we left Hat Nopphart Thara pier.


If you have a problem with sensitive skin like I do, it’ll be a good idea bring along a huge tub of meineral water that you an buy for 400 baht from the shops.  That way you can wash your face and hands each time you get out of the water after snorkeling.





Jet Yen


Mark having lots of fun posing and posing…..


John will have taken much better pics, so John, can you pass them to me on a CD? Purleez?




David enjoyed himself despite not being good at swimming


Yin Mei bought a new 2 piece swimming costume but no threats could induce her to remove her tshirt so that we could see it. We finally saw it when we got back to the hotel cos she wasn’t allowed to get into the pool with the tshirt on. That was the fastest dive into the pool I’ve ever seen before, it was now you see Yin Mei, (or rather, her swimming costume) and then, splash, now you don’t!

Of course, everybody was eager to see the results of the full body wax treatment they sponsored for Yin Mei the day before! Ha! ha! ha!


Kuang Fei was the first to put his feet into the water, but his biggest mistake was not to look before he plunged his feet in. It was legs in, and ouch! legs out – he was stung by a sea urchin, poor guy.

Anyway, being a guy, he just bravely allowed us to remove whatever spines we could followed by a pain killer. 5 minutes later he was in the sea and enjoying himself.


I can’t remember all the names of the places we visited, but some of them are Hin Klarng Open Sea Snorkeling, Bamboo Island exploration, Phi Phi island lunch and exploration, Pi Leh Bay sightseeing and exploring.

I think the pictures below are of Monkey Bay 





This pic is taken from our boat, the water is so clear, you can see through to the bottom.


Maya Bay – the island where the famous movie was made, on this very beach 



we walked inland and found this small blow hole


The scenery around us was really pleasing to the eye…..


…….like I said, pleasing to the eye


…..and pleasing to the eye….

Actually, I have many more pics which cannot be posted here 🙂


NEVER get a tall guy to take your picture…cos you’ll end up looking like midgets!


The Thais have a great formula for their tourist industry. The islands are beautifully kept, clean with all the right signs at the right places, AND IN ENGLISH as well, toilets are provided and ARE CLEAN!!!

Its DEFINITELY tourist friendly

Malaysia definitely needs to take a leaf out of their book.


Allan & Friends’ Studios

Connie has an allergy – can’t be in the sunlight, so the poor dear had to be wrapped up throughout this trip






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21 02 2009

Mmmm… I think I should book tickets already. Would love to ‘please’ my eyes, and hopefully, nothing else (being the good boy I am).

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