Krabi – This, that and meeting Tony Fernandez, Air Asia

22 02 2009

There are so many places to go for food.  This is the big food court area walking from Aonang Buri, just before the main town area. The food here is not catered for asian taste – I think Asians want their Tom Yam more spicy, and all the food with just a little bit more of spices and taste. Ah well, you can’t please everybody and honestly, we were the ONLY chinese asians at the place. (there were easily 60 tables there) this is the first time in an asian country that I am a minority, ha ha ha. 

Allan, Connie, Ching Fern, Yin Mei and I had our dinner here and had to wait a good 1 hour!

There is a hawker stall directly across the street run by a man and his (mum?) who can speak Malay.  They sell very good pancakes.

The rest of the gang went to this buffet all-you-can-eat place just before this food court and paid 250 baht per person.  There is not much in terms of meat and sea food though, which accounts for the cheap price. Later on we walked on to the end of the Aonang town and turned right uphill where there are more restaurants and found another buffet going for 250 baht too – the place is called Bernie’s – We looked at the food and liked what we saw – definitely an improvement on the previous one. Can’t talk about the taste cos we didn’t get to try.


Connie bought this set of costume jewelry for her daughter and I tried it out for her 🙂


Yin Mei having a whale of a time eating crabs – we doctored this picture by placing all our plates near her to show how much she had supposedly eaten


This place is across the street from Aonang Buri Resort and the food here is better, the view too.

We were so amused by how much they glorify their toilet – how’d you like to have your toilet up in lights like this? 🙂

One thing for sure, you wouldn’t miss this toilet!


Another place we explored was this small jetty just located at the end of the road from Aoang town, at the bend just before the road curves to the right towards Aonang Buri. Its not very clean, but really picturesque.

xj or John would be able to give it that extra oomph


Another great place to just lie back and relax – Noppharat Thara beach below.




On our return home, we saw somebody that looked like Tony Fernandez, but because we were not sure, we didn’t really go and ask him till we saw 2 air stewardesses posing with him for a pic.  (I must say all of us liked the fact that he was so down to earth, dressed casually, and friendly – something a lot of famous individuals find difficult to do!) Then we went up to him, had a good, short chat and a pic with him. The chat was short but enough to get an answer for a question that was burning in my mind.  He gave me a MOST satisfactory answer.  I think its his privilege and prerogative to share that with everybody else……….if you want to know, keep your eyes and ears tuned to the Air Asia website or the newspapers 🙂

(If you’re my good friend, I can tell you privately la, hee hee hee)


CONCLUSION: I’ve been to Phuket and Krabi and I like both places – The Thai government has made Thailand a very tourist friendly country.  Between Phuket and Krabi,  I think Krabi is more for families, couples who want a quiet, relaxing break and tourists who just love the sun and sea. Phuket has a lot that Krabi has but in addition to that, it also has a lot of a-go-go bars and pubs – perhaps a more “happening” place?




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22 02 2009
Paul Long

You certainly know how to have fun 🙂

26 02 2009

Why the dates on some of the pictures are 2007 ?

26 02 2009

Paul: 🙂
KKY: because i didn’t reset the date on the camera until much later 😦

18 03 2010
your beauty sleep @

[…] Krabi – This, that and meeting Tony Fernandez, Air Asia […]

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