Happy Birthday Andy :)

3 03 2009

Today is Andy’s birthday and we went to PJGH to visit him and surprise him with a birthday cake.

Andy has been away for about 4.5 weeks.  He and 6 others from agc.youth went for the Residential Bible School (RBS) held at Cameron Highlands on the 3rd day of the Chinese New Year and after 4 weeks, they were sent to different small towns for their practical. They are now back in Petaling Jaya for the debriefing and preparation for their graduation this Thursday.

So Andy has been without a hand phone and his computer for 4.5 weeks already, an achievement, I’d say. Another achievement that we’re really proud of is the fact that he read 3 books within this time frame. Its an achievement for a guy who used to think that the word BOOK is a four letter word 🙂 and the most unpopular place for him is a book shop!


Happy 18th birthday, Andy!


I actually could not recognise him for about half a minute although he was standing right in front of me due to his long and bushy hair!



We’ve missed him although its only been a little over a month




The usual “avoiding the kiss”


I gave him one anyway – every mum’s entitled to one 🙂





4 responses

3 03 2009
Paul Long

Aiyo! We are all growing up (also us parents) so fast

4 03 2009

awwwww!! hope he was nicely surprised, what a lovely thing to do. tell andy i am so proud of his achievements – RBS, reading books, no hp and pc… my goodness, well done!

4 03 2009

paul: erm, actually, they are growing UP and we are growing OUT, as in sideways? 🙂 sigh!
allie: i’d do that, allie, and you can give him a kiss too, when we get to Bangkok, to show how proud you are of him, hee! hee! hee!

8 03 2009

hahaha.. tell him he gets a kiss from me too when i see him…

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