DAY 10 : Back to good ol Kay-EL with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ11

9 04 2009

We are truly grateful and feel so blessed to have had such a wonderful holiday but home is still home and we were glad to be heading home and seeing our family again.


Coolanggata airport


One big guy leaves and another small fella is next.  We were the 3rd in line


Saw a couple of helicopters as well


I bought a Panasonic Lumix (Leica lens) DMC-TZ11 which has 28 mm wide angle and 10X optical zoom for AUD389 – and no regrets! Was just itching to use the aerial photo mode.  With the 10X optical and 15.9 digital zoom, I managed to get some pretty interesting shots. Best thing is that this baby is so compact, I can just put it into my handbag 🙂 

I know there are many other cameras that are better, but I think this is the first one that is 

# this size

# this price

# this much optical zoom and this much wide angle

tee hee 🙂


Gold coast from the sky





I missed one fantastic scene – we were looking at clouds only and I switched off my camera, out it away when suddenly a gap appeared in the centre of all those thick white clouds and beneath that, the Gold coast shoreline and the city – wham! I dug out my camera but by the time I had it ready to shoot, most of the clouds had moved off, leaving me with this sad replacement 😦



We both put on a couple of kgs from our trip


I wanted soooooo much to see Ayers Rock again – from the sky, and I made careful plans, asked the steward to find out which side it would be seen from and was overjoyed to know it was my side, then made sure I didn’t fall asleep and STILL I missed it.

ATTENTION ALL PILOTS : You MUST announce that the plane is flying over something interesting when you do, I mean Ayers Rock is magnificent and the last time I didn’t missed it because the pilot took the trouble to announce it!

Well, this was the probably near Ayers Rock cos this is the desert and its somewhere near Central Australia

Don’t ask me about why there’s water in the desert, but I know its near it cos of the colour of the earth

Can some pilot tell me?





WHY do we need so much development in Putrajaya? I mean there weren’t so many people fighting to stay there the last time I looked! Yet I saw massive development, massive land clearing and LOTS of siltation in the rivers. All the brown patches you see in these pictures are BARED EARTH 😦







Sadness 😦

That concludes my write up of the Gold Coast trip.  In 2 weeks time, I will be in Manado, Sulawesi and will blog about that.





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