Andy and his broken arm

23 04 2009

Alas, our diving trip to Manado didn’t quite happen. Andy, our son had an accident playing captain ball.  He was the “catcher” for his team. To answer everybody’s question how it happened, he jumped to catch the ball but unfortunately, the chair he was standing on moved when he landed and his hand hit the chair.  The momentum of his landing broke the ulna and radius bones of his left arm. The poor fella was in a lot of pain – in fact, he told me that he felt like he was going to black out when we were walking to the car. We want to thank Joseph Lum for being so spontaneous at that time.  He ran up, supported Andy and announced that he was going with us to the hospital.  I only later found out that Joseph can’t stand the sight of dangling limbs, broken bones or blood!!


Andy, moments before the accident


Andy, after the operation which lasted for about 1.5 hours

We rushed him to the hospital and we want to thank God that the orthopedic surgeon on call happens to be one of the best.  We also thank God that Andy didn’t hurt himself anywhere else, that the surgeon arrived very fast, that there was an operating theatre available and that the operation went smoothly.  We want to thank all you folks who responded to our call for your prayers as Andy went through the operation. We also thank those who went to the hospital to be with us that night and the many who visited Andy the next day.  Lastly, we thank God that nobody else was injured.


Andy’s repaired arm being “hung” so that there wouldn’t be any danger of blood clots forming and swelling occuring


The youth took the trouble to find a card that resembled Andy, ….erm, his hand, that is…



Many church members also came to visit Andy after service on Sunday.  We were touched and humbled by the tremendous support and care shown by them.





The nurse came over on Sunday evening to remove the drainage tubes


The 2 drainage collection pots.  Andy said the blood looked like Ribena – I guess that means some of you are going to stop drinking Ribena? 


Jeff and Joan – See Jeff’s face? Clowning around as usual –  XD


This is what Andy’s bones looked like after the accident


And this is what it looks like now – He now has 2 rods and 12 screws in his left arm. The extra “parts” costs us RM1,338.60. The entire bill was a whopping RM13,021.25.  One amazing thing was that the surgeon only charged us surgical fees and did not charge for his professional charges, which most doctors charge.  That would be for the initial consult and the daily visits to Andy at the hospital after the surgery. To him, “thank you very much”.

Although he was so kind, I had to blot out his face in this picture in case he gets into trouble if someone reports him for “advertising”.



Today was Andy’s follow up visit to the doctor to have his stitches cleaned. Well, the stitches are healing well but he will still need it wrapped up until May 5th when he visits the doc again.  The bones will take 3 months to heal completely.  Doc said “Don’t think of playing games for at least 3 months”. Driving is still out till the bandages are removed cos apparently the police will stop him for being a danger on the road due to his injuries.

He still has to elevate his hand for 13 hours per day. The bones have not healed yet, so blood flow is not efficient.  With his hand down, blood will rush to the fingers but not all the old blood may be able to go “back”. This can cause an infection.  Besides, no fresh blood means no recovery for the bones. 





Now Andy has 2 scars to remind him of the day he jumped to catch the ball




5 responses

23 04 2009
Paul Long

hey hey hey . Bionic boy 🙂
Glad he is ok and smiling.

24 04 2009
Jinq yi

Hope u get well soon andy.. So shocked when I knew your arm is broken.. See you soon..

25 04 2009

Wah!! So dramatic!! Glad to know that Andy is ok now!
So no cast ah?!?

Anyway this is Joanne and my new blog!
You can add me here!

26 04 2009

andy’s ok now, just pray tt he will be able to sleep well – its hard for him cos he can’t find a good comfortable position that elevates his arm as well as give him a good rest.

26 04 2009
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