Bird nest in my house

26 04 2009

Some weeks ago, a bird built a nest on one of the plants in our garden – funny thing is, it wasn’t even a stable plant. 


Can you see the nest?


The bird took about 2 days to complete the nest


We watched the progress, then a few days later found an egg in the nest


We watched the egg and the birds (yup, mom and dad) watched us too



We all watched until the baby bird hatched out of the egg.

There’s a sad ending to this story. We noticed the nest was precariously tilted, the dad must have caused it when he flew to the nest to feed the baby chick. His weight would have tilted the nest.  We adjusted it back but later in the day, we saw that the nest was tilted again but this time the nest was empty 😦 

The chick must have fallen out and …….. I have 3 dogs …. sigh….




2 responses

3 05 2009

Empty nest…birds nest soup anyone? ahahaha

3 05 2009

i wished! can sell them for andy’s college fund, ha ha ha

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