Birthday at TGIF …Why? Got discount ma :p

4 05 2009

What’s the offer??

1 appetizer and 1 entree for RM29.90

until when? 

actually dunno la – go online and check with them la


Allan planned a surprise birthday dinner for me by taking me out for dinner first without the children but arranged for Andrew to pick them up after we’d left.  They met us at the restaurant

Thanks Allan, for planning so creatively…..but you wore the wrong t-shirt XD

Our orders (below)




Allan is wearing a tshirt that says “WANTED – Good women” – notice its in the plural.

At the back of the tshirt:


_____Good women_____ 

Able to pay bills

Take care of family

Have credit card and car

Send picture of credit card and car




2 responses

5 05 2009

Maybe one woman isn’t good enough?

I’m just trying to be helpful, I swear!

6 05 2009

dormiens: nvm, next time when you get married, I’ll be very helpful and suggest to your wife that one man is not good enuf, ha ha ha – what goes around comes around :p

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