a dinner and a birthday

27 05 2009

Allan and I are in the enviable (or unenviable, depending on how you look at it) position of being in 2 care groups – one is the young adults group which we started a few years back and is now headed by Jiann Yuh (Timothy 1 & 3) and Ben Lum (Timothy 2 – alas, they have renamed themselves but I just can’t remember the name). The other is the adult group.  So we have 2 care groups meeting at our place every week.  Basically we give at one and I think we’re supposed to receive at the other, but then the Bible did say that it is more blessed to give than to receive…….I’m rambling, better move on…

The main aim of all that chatter is just to introduce the groups and then post some pics of our latest get together. The adult group likes to get together for a dinner once in a while and the last one coincided with Catherine’s birthday, so we had a surprise for her. Noticed I have not mentioned the name of this adult care group? Well, this is embarrassing, but I have never been able to remember the name of the group, I think its “Mark care group”. Does that mean I don’t love the group? NO I have grown to really LOVE the members of this group and I do enjoy the closeness we share.  The name? I guess I never really bothered with the name – its always been “Beng Hoe’s group” and now its “Eng Sing’s group”. Its the people who are important and I know all their names 🙂


Choong and Allan


By the way, this dinner was paid for by Eng Sing, our group leader 🙂


There was a lot of hiding and shuffling with the cake before Peklyn and Xianjin brought it out for their mom


I think Cat REALLY didn’t suspect a thing


Beng Hoe, Cat and their happy family




3 responses

27 05 2009

My mom didn’t suspect it!!! 🙂

And the shuffling about was because the people didn’t have a lighter. haha. In the end we stopped someone going into the toilet to light it for us. 😀

thanks for the cake though! she loved it.

15 06 2009

Thanks for arranging the cake. I did not suspect anything at all. It was a nice surprise!

18 06 2009

You’ll have to thank your husband for that. He was the one who called and made sure someone bought a cake for you 🙂

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