Journal for the month of May

29 05 2009

I think people get more busy and have less time as they age, well, at least that’s what I am experiencing. May just flew pass. Absolutely no time to organize pics and blog about them. So finally, I managed to get some time to do it.

Summarized month of May is here:


May and June are expensive months – why? well, for a start, all our cars’ road taxes and insurances expire in May and in June, we need to pay the balance of our taxes for the year. 

the inspection for the lorry is done by a friend who runs a workshop – noticed this piece of work (above) and thought…. COOL 🙂


Angie had her prize giving day – she was the best accounts student for Form 4 last year – we’re so PROUD of YOU, ANGIE 🙂


And then there was the PITH (Partners in the Harvest) Conference. I went for the Cambodia Missions workshop and for a treat, we were served silk worms (I think) and locusts (again, ….. I think). I gulped 2 down brilliantly. Correction, actually, I didn’t just gulped them down, I made sure I chewed them thoroughly to really know the taste 🙂




Mark Yip, a Malaysian residing in Vancouver, came to visit us for a couple of days during the PITH meetings. We took him and our 2 other guests from Philippines to the Look Out Point at Ulu Langat.


Mother’s day came along too and I took my mom out for lunch although I didn’t manage to take any photos. We also took Aunty Ding out and this time I remembered to take a photo – good for memories even though it was just with a handphone camera. 


Andy and Sam also had their prize giving day at St John’s Institution. I was really impressed with the school band.  The small guy in the centre is Eu Shaun.


Have always liked the SJI facade


Andy, Sam and their friends waiting for the ceremony to start


We’re proud of you too Andy – best student for Physics, Form 5, 2008 and for his achievement in the SPM exams


Sam too had a prize for his achievement in the SPM – we’re really proud of you guys 🙂


One other thing we did in May was to go shopping in preparation for Andy’s departure to the US. This is his first pair of white trousers.(Don’t think it will remain white for too long)


Mark came back to visit again and we were really glad to have him. I’ve always thought that Asian families who migrate overseas have a tough job bringing up their children in a non-Asian environment, (meaning no strict discipline, erm, like the rod?). Well, Mark’s parents proofed me wrong because I see the example of a very well brought up person in Mark. His behavior obviously suggests  reflects that he has very godly parents.- *salutes Mr and Mrs Yip* 




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