some of the stuff u have to do to study in the USA

29 05 2009

I have been “walking” Andy, Jessica and Xianjin through their USA universities application and this is the final leg now.  (I must say that I have learnt a lot of new stuff too from them). Jess and Andy went to get their visas today and they have been “approved”.  So Jessica will leave on the 8th of August and Andy will leave on the 19th of August. Xianjin has been very busy, so his visa application will wait till later.

The next step after acceptance is the whole health issue.  They all had to go for their TB test and blood test (XJ said that if he tested positive for TB, he would murder a certain someone) and a series of jabs.  In one day, Andy had 4 jabs; Hepatitis A, B, Meningitis and the MMR. Then thanks to the H1N1 (demam babi) we had to pay for another jab! In the midst of all this, they had fun too – XJ was laughing at Andy cos Andy’s health form required a genital test and XJ thought he didn’t need one, ah well, as I said, he thought…. until he asked Doc Lian what a GU test was and the reply was “a genital examination”…..


see the “GU”there?

andy jab 1

See the before …..

andy jab 2

and “after” …. or shall I say “during” pics of the flu jab :p

The poor guy also didn’t have a good time at the TB centre.  They refused to give him the Mantoux TB test because they insisted that his health form did not state that, so he asked the guy to look at the form again and they again insisted that it wasn’t necessary. When they arrived home, I looked at the form and said, “You know, Xian, this PPD test here asks for reactive size, I have a feeling this is the TB test”, so we googled it and it turns out that PPD is another name for the TB test!!! So, he had to go over to the hospital again!


Then there were bank accounts to be opened and finally,


Lunch – it was free for me cos I won a, ermmm…. deal that I made with XJ 🙂


My lunch 🙂

All is not over yet, there are still the 2nd and 3rd doses of the Hepatitis jabs to be taken.




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