Aswara student gets scholarship…..We’re proud of you, Jessica :

4 06 2009



DANCE student Jessica Ho Wai Yee has been awarded the Nordan Fine Art Scholarship for Ballet and Modern Dance that will enable her to pursue undergraduate studies at the Texas Christian University, the United States in September.

The National Arts, Culture and Heritage Academy (Aswara) student graduated top of her class last year, and became the first Malaysian Chinese dancer to play the lead in Aswara Makyong production Makyong Dewa Kecil.

Ho learnt dance in her hometown Ipoh at the City Ballet Academy under the guidance of Datin Rosalina Ooi and joined Aswara in 2005.

An assistant head prefect during her schooldays at the Ave Maria Convent, Ipoh, she scored 10As in her Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examination and obtained a Grade 8 in Advanced Ballet at the Royal Academy of Dance.

In Aswara, she excelled in various genres of dance including Bharatanatyam and participated in the Aswara productions Indigo and Allarippu by Umesh Shetty and 9 To 5 by Joseph Gonzales.
She performed in all major Aswara productions including Asyik, Tapestry, Tari and Jamu.

In 2006, she won the National Ballet Competition organised by The Dance Society and attended dance workshops in Melbourne, Australia.

She performed in Malaysia Week 2008 in Potters Field Park, London, Britain, and appeared in Tunku The Musical among other local stage performances.

She has also conducted workshops on dance for Aswara and emcees Aswara events.


SOURCE:  The New Straits Times Online: Aswara student gets scholarship

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17 06 2009

TCU?~ hey that’s where Pooi See and Jonathan went to school. 45mins from where i live 🙂

18 06 2009

Yup, in fact, I contacted Pooi See to try find her a host family – she has limited funds (dad’s a pastor), so cannot afford the room and board at TCU. Anyway, the uni finally found someone to host her, so she only needs to pay for her food, and that won’t be a lot if she cooks. We are just so thankful for God’s provision. Its amazing how God opened the way for such a fantastic opportunity:)

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