Bangkok again :)

14 06 2009

Our family decided on Bangkok again for our holiday this year after Anna came back.  Basically it was one of the places on offer by MAS and we could also visit Phill, Allie and Sasha. 

I must say we were amazed by the spread given by MAS – and all for a mere 2 hours flight, just look:

Choice of Chicken Bryani or Beef Satay for the main course.

Desert, Guava Juice, and Ferrero Rocher chocolates and you can still have a drink of your choice


The big surprise was the Haagan Dazs Ice Cream that followed 🙂



We nearly didn’t make the flight – my mistake entirely…..I looked at the arrival time at Bangkok on the ticket and mistook that for the departure time. Imagine my horror when we checked in and discovered we only had 1 hour before take off, which means we only had 15 minutes to check in! What a rush it was!


Arrived at Allie’s place in the afternoon. 

One tip for travellers – DO NOT take a taxi from the touts hovering at the airport hall or just outside.  Make your way to the desk that says “Meter Taxi”, pay for it and then go to the taxi queue. Plenty of taxis waiting for customers. It will be a good idea to get the address of your destination in Thai to show to the driver who might not understand English very well.

Ok, back to us….

Our first evening was eat, eat, eat and more eating 🙂

We made our way to Sukhumvit Soi 38 which was just 2 stations down from where we were


A must try was the Pad Thai which was priced at 50 baht at this area.  We found some other stalls at Sukhumvit Soi 12 area selling their Pad Thai at 35 baht but the quantity was less – good for those who just want to try it.


The mango rice was 60 baht, surprisingly, more expensive than the Pad Thai!

I guess this place is for tourists, so the price is a little bit more than the other street hawker stalls.




As we were leaving, we noticed a stall opening. This stall is located at the entrance of Soi 38. Its the winner of the Thai Cooking Contest “Pad Tai Gong-Sut”. 


Of course we HAD to try it – even though we had to wait 20 minutes.


While waiting, we tried the wanton mee from another stall.  This dish looks bland but it has all the right tastes.



So was the wait worth it?

I think so – it was definitely more fragrant, more spicy and they gave us 5 prawns (the other stall gave us 2 prawns that were boiled) – all for the same price 🙂






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