Bangkok – of chatuchak, foodstalls and so on…..

18 06 2009

I have just realized that the food stalls in Bangkok (at least the ones I have visited) are so CLEAN 🙂

Just look at the pictures below. This is a stall at the junction of Sukhumvit  Soi 12. 



The Pad Thai here is much cheaper, only 35 baht (RM3.50) but of course it is a smaller potion. I think its good for those who want to try the different kinds of food – smaller potions just for trying means you can eat more kinds of food without paying so much la 🙂



Last year we missed Chatuchak because we didn’t stay over a weekend, so this time we made sure we had a weekend. Chatuchak is accessible by the BTS train to Mo Chit (Green Line) or to Chatuchak Park on the Blue line. But since there were so many of us, it made better sense to just take a cab – about 100 – 120 baht (inclusive of toll) from Sukhumvit to Chatuchak. Would have cost more by train. Its basically like a market except they don’t sell vegetables and meat. The place is HOT, in ALL sense of the word. 

Be prepared to 1) wear something light and bring a cap (or buy one there)

2) bargain like mad !

3) DON’T bring children – they can’t appreciate that you can get good deals on your shopping and as someone said, “Its inhumane to bring children here” – really, its hot, crowded and the children will be miserable, unless you go early, at about 10am and leave at 11am


It looks cool, right? Don’t be fooled by the camera – its terribly hot!


Chatuchak has anything almost anything that you would want to buy and its HUGE!

Best way is to go to the info counter and grab a map, decide what you want to see and buy before you start – they even have a pets section with live animals!


You won’t go hungry here too cos there are lots of food and drink stalls



We bought ourselves a t shirt each to remember Chatuchak – paid 95 baht each for the girls’ tshirts and about 120 baht per tshirt for the guys. The designs are sewn on, not printed, so we think we got a good deal 🙂


There are also all kinds of fashion ideas walking around


Our group separated and met again at the clock tower at 3pm, went home and jumped into the pool

Why 2 same pictures?

Well, Andrea liked this one but Angie said that she looked like someone boxed her on the eye in this picture


… we took another one :p





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