Bangkok – Platinum, Pratunam, a mistake, a BBQ and Mr Bun

18 06 2009

Besides Chatuchak, another “must go” place for shopping must be Platinum Shopping Mall

Whilst the kids were let loosed at Platinum, Allan and I went across the steet to the Pratunam Market Complex to see if we could get some costumes – this is really like an old market with small stalls, a bit like Chatuchak without all the noise and crowd but with the heat.  If you are claustrophobic, don’t venture in. In any case, this place is full of tailors who make costumes and headgears for shows and also uniforms. These pictures will “explain” what I mean.




As you can see, its not a place for regular shopping.

In the meantime, the kids were having a blast at Platinum. Problem with this place is that most of the shops do not allow you to try on the clothes and you can’t even assume that a size 30 on one pair of slacks is equals to size 30 on another pair – they have different “cuttings”.

So the best thing to do is to pay for one pair of whatever you’re buying, then go to the toilet, try them on and change the size if it does not fit – a bit of a hassle but ……









this is what happens to people who don’t try before purchasing…..


Poor Joel, we had our week’s quota of laughing at his expense after he tried on the jeans when we arrived home

(This photo posted with permission from Joel)

One place that you really should head to is the Mr Bun outlet on the ground floor (right in the centre) of the shopping mall across the street from Platinum and just beside Pratunam Market Complex. I can’t remember the name, but if you take the pedestrian overhead bridge from Platinum Mall and turn right when you get to the other side, its the mall that’s next to the bridge (not directly in front of the bridge)




The bun tastes like our Roti Boy in KL

That night we had a great BBQ dinner prepared and cooked by Phill and Allie 🙂


These sausages have noodles, rice and meat in them and tastes better if you rub a slice of old ginger on the skin before eating – pretty good dinner, don’t you think?



We remembered Joy when we saw this bottle of wine and thought we should take a pic to show her :p



Sasha looks real cute when she closes her eyes to give thanks for the food. We asked her to pose again after saying grace and she gleefully obliged, …. 3 times cos our camera person was laughing so much that she couldn’t take a steady shot!


Sasha put some pomelo salad into her drink and cooly stated that she was making soup




2 responses

19 06 2009

Veron, i love your blogs and the photos in it. very thankful for them, makes me feel like i’ve there with y’all.

20 06 2009

lisa: *grins* thanks for the encouragement – makes a girl’s day better 🙂

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