Annual Family portrait taking time

2 07 2009

Every year we try make it a point to have our family picture taken. Its been especially important ever since Anna left us for her studies. This year we are preparing for Andy to leave too. Sometimes its a hassle to get everybody together to have the photo taken. Sometimes its difficult to even find a day when everybody is around before nightfall!

Today was THAT day and aggressive mom wouldn’t take “no” for an answer, everybody was bundled out once Angie and Andrea’s tuition class ended. It wasn’t the best day for a photo shoot, the weather was lousy, the lighting was bad, the only camera was a Point & Shoot Auto (the DSLR had enough battery for TWO shots – wonder if you can guess which ones were taken by the DSLR), BUT it was still better to try for one shot since everyone was around.


trying out the “equipment” to ensure safety


Waiting for Andy to adjust the camera




Still waiting


1st Shot


2nd Shot


3rd Shot

After looking through them, I think we’ll use the 1st picture, unless we manage to get together again for John to take a pic of us all, sigh!




4 responses

2 07 2009

My favourite is shot 3, though!

2 07 2009

Is it because we seem to be smiling without restrain? I do realize that we seem to look happier in the 3rd shot.

2 07 2009

i also like the 3rd one..

2 07 2009

Cut and paste the best smiles from different photos and merge them?

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