Rantings of the past few months

25 08 2009

Its been a very busy past few months. With Anna arriving home and some people leaving, including Andy, just going to the airport was a constant activity!  :p All in, we visited KLIA and the LCT 5 times.

In between all that was of course the normal stuff like household, office and church responsibilities to juggle.

Let’s start:

So, Anna went back to US on the 3rd of August and had a big adventure – she finally took 3 days to get back and had an unplanned holiday in San Francisco. Now its a LOT of paperwork to deal with for the travel insurance claim, sigh!

So here are some pics I “stole” from Joel’s facebook 🙂


Anna and Melody at the airport – depressed cos of the missed connection


Ah well, they had the rest of the day free to roam San Francisco, and so they did 🙂



After San Francisco, it was more waiting, another messed up flight itinerary and they were then diverted to LA, and then to Dallas


Delay AGAIN in Dallas for the flight to Little Rock


FINALLY, they reach Little Rock, 3 days after leaving KL!

Pitt 1

Anna went with Joel to visit Pittsburgh, where Joel is now staying for the next 5 years to do his PhD. A friend, Julie, took them in and we are so grateful for good friends 🙂

Pitt 2

So happy to find Malaysian drinks in USA!

The next person to leave was Jessica. Most of you already know that Jess has been part of our family for almost 2 years. She stayed with us whilst studying at Aswara and we are really so pleased for her to have received a FULL scholarship to study dance in Texas. A wonderful family there has also taken her in and she won’t have to worry about her accommodation for the next 4 years. That’s God’s provision – He is no man’s debtor and I’m sure Jess’ family has experienced that many times. Jessica’s dad is a pastor and never planned to send his daughter overseas for an education.

Here she is:


Jess and Andy


We went for a 1 night break at the Le Meridien, Sentral. This is our annual “stay-away-from-the-home-in-KL” break. This is the first time we are trying the LeMeridien. Its not too bad; luxurious and the beds are comfortable enough. 



Bathroom neatly tugged away


Well stocked


Everything in its own place


BIG bed


What we really liked was the gym although I didn’t take any pictures there. This is the walkway leading to the gym. The thing is that this is so well designed that you don’t feel you are in the centre of bustling KL


The next day we had lunch at the Latest Recipe – definitely a GREAT place to dine at. The variety is really wide and the food good



The view is fantastic too.



One of the things that I didn’t really fancy was the ice cream – they have someone on standby to mix the ice cream and the other stuff like nuts, etc. If my memory doesn’t fail me, they call it Ice Cream Teppanyaki. Creative, but the ice cream kinda melted too much and I think in future I’d just tell them I prefer it plain and straight from the tub.



That afternoon, it was Xianjin’s turn to leave for London (and thereafter to USA), but John Kit took all the pictures, and I don’t have any on my hands but I’ll definitely get some from him later :p 

Because of wanting to go to the airport, I gave up an hour of my meal at this lovely place, sigh, so Xianjin, REMEMBER this!!! Ha ha ha 🙂

On the way back from the airport, we saw this van burning



Last Wednesday night, we all trooped to the airport again to send Andy off to Newark.


Some of his friends couldn’t make it to the airport and came to the house instead. I, of course, had just cried buckets before that:(

Because of me, he didn’t travel light


We are touched by those who came to see him off. There were also 2 of his ex-RBS friends who came all the way from Klang later.


First leg – Stockholm, Sweden.

Andy called, “Mom, I’m in Stockholm now, walking to the transit room, can you tell me where the room is?”

Me: *speechless*

Andy: “Hey mom, I want to come back to Sweden”

Me: “Why”

Him: “The girls here are so pretty”

Me: *speechless* 


Told Andy not to miss taking shots of Greenland


Well, he obviously found the right room and was met at Newark by my friend, Tim. We are just SO grateful to Tim, Ling, Caleb, Swee Lim and May May for taking care of him and taking him around as you can see from the pictures here.


So this boy had a whale of a time in NY city


Food! One of his favorite pastimes


Met some flowers as big as his face


Went on a ferry ride and saw the statue of liberty, which is STILL there despite David Coppperfield’s act


Might have experienced some nostalgic moments at Ground Zero


Was able to step into his dream place


When he told me that he had walked the WHOLE of New York, I just laughed, but I think he really did :p


After 2 days in New York, during which time he was thoroughly spoilt, (including losing the battle of paying for a pay of shoes with Tim) another friend, Swee Lim came along and whisked him off to Philadelphia for a night and the next morning, drove him all the way to Messiah College (more than 2 hours’ drive away). Thanks, Swee Lim and May May 🙂

This is a note from Swee Lim

Pls forward to Veronica. That’s Andy signing in to get his keys, meal card and orientation package.
Took us about 2.5 hours. They were all set-up and ready for the international students when we got in.
May and I were saying we are getting pretty good with this routine of sending other people’s kids off to college. 

I’m sure Andy will upload photos soon of the campus, if he hasn’t done so already! My impression is it’s a very nice campus, beautiful surroundings, the dorms look good (like Cedar Crest, but seems newer). 
His RA was already there and we met him. But I suppose the dorm is pretty empty now since the rest of the students haven’t shown up yet. So the place must have been very quiet last night. 
They had a couple of students direct us to his dorm and help with his luggage. I figure anytime they had people set-up to meet you and help you get oriented, you are already ahead of the game.

And the note from Tim to me:

Proof of delivery from Swee Lim 🙂  We figured we can fetch a better auction price at Messiah than New York City. SLim and I are splitting the proceeds. LOL!


So Andy is now at college and if you still want to torture yourself reading more, you can go to these websites and find out what’s been happening at the college 🙂





And what am I doing now? Ermm, I’m basically baby sitting the 2 girls left in my house as they prepare for their PMR and SPM respectively. 

Next week, LONDON and PARIS, here we come!!!! 




3 responses

27 08 2009
Reuben's sister

my husband and I also do the annual-one-night-in-a-hotel thing every year on our wedding anniversary. Some friends think we’re mad. But I think it’s good to get away for some husband-and-wife time, without having to travel too much. So far we’ve been to The Saujana (good weekend package) 3 times(!!) and once to Cyberview Lodge, apart from Kuantan, Pangkor and Camerons.

28 08 2009

hi reuben’s sister 🙂 which one are you? Priscilla or Rebecca? yeah, it is really a good thing to do – for those with young children, you are close enough to get back if urgently needed, ha ha ha. anyway, we get our room and about 4 free meals, 1 bottle of wine and a cake from the starwood privilege card promotion which we pay for, but the package is worth more than the amount you pay.

29 08 2009
Reuben's sister

ah this is Priscilla.
Have a good trip to London and Paris!

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