From KL to Stansted, London by Air Asia

6 09 2009

September 1st, 2009 – its off to London we go 🙂

After trying out the Air Asia flight to Gold Coast, we are happy to say that the seats to London are really comfortable and if you add another RM100 for the front row seats, its really good. However, I realized that this plane is probably still the leased one since the seats have not been changed to the standard black seats that Air Asia’s fleet have. I hope they keep these seats which are much better as they recline. The flight to Australia have seats that glide out and do not recline – those are not so comfortable. And you see the headrests, well the side wings actually WORK!!! I mean they STAY in place when you tweak them, so its comfortable and your head doesn’t go rolling to the sides all the time 🙂


Invest another RM30 for the inflight entertainment and you’ll have a pretty good flight. One thing to note – there are only 60+ e-entertainment units for the nearly 200 passengers. To make things worse, A LOT of the units DO NOT WORK!!!! Hear this, Air Asia-staff-in-charge-of the units. PLEASE, check every single unit before you send them on board. The poor air crew have to go through one by one and be embarrassed by non-working units.


This is what the entertainment unit looks like


We brought our own memory foam neck pillows – they are expensive, but when you think of 12+ hours of flying, they are worth every sen!


OK, here’s some advice/tips for people taking the 4pm flight out from KL to Stansted. If you do not have anyone meeting you upon arrival, you have a few options:

1) You rent a room at the Radisson or the Hilton which are nearby – within walking distance. They both cost more than 85 pounds per night. For Malaysians, that works out to more than RM500.

2) You take a bus or train down to London city but you will reach by about 3am. Why? the immigration is so busy, it takes about an hour to get through. By the time we get out and get our bags, its nearly 1 am and it takes about 2 hours to get to the city. The nearest hotel to Victoria station is the Wellington and the cost is about 60 pounds per night.  Remember that you either have to walk or take a cab (which will cost about less than 20 pounds at that time of the night). The buses and trains have all stopped by then, except for the all night buses.

3) You do like we did – sleep at the airport till the next morning, then take the Easy Bus which we’d booked online much earlier.

Notice how many people sleep there? In fact, you’ll have to grab the seats early cos they go like hot cakes. Some seats have arm rests across them, so you can’t lie across on them. A lot of people come ready with sleeping bags and just go to sleep on the floor.


Burger King closes after midnight and opens at about 5am or so – I can’t remember the actual time.


Easy bus can be as cheap as 2 pounds if you buy the ticket really early – same concept as Air Asia.


We manage to get one chair and both of us got about 3 – 4 hours of sleep each. I pass the couch to Allan and I slept on one chair, with half my body on our luggage which was on a trolley. Had to place one bag under the trolley to prevent it from moving. But, back to the story, the thing I want to highlight is that – sometimes its good to be small sized and have short legs 🙂

More later ……..





2 responses

14 09 2009

Nice take on your experience with Air Asia X. I was finding out about taking AA-X from London to KL and found your site.

Just fyi if you ever come back to this part of the world, you can get to London easily by coaches in the wee hours of the morning besides easybus. National express and terravision go to Victoria station on a regular basis. The prices of accommodation are cheaper with Travelodge,Etap, Ibis, YHA and YMCA and you don’t have live like what you did in a foreign land! I don’t think you ever did in Malaysia too. All the best and thanks for your tips. I’ll bring a pillow and a blanket.

15 09 2009

thanks for your suggestions – yeah, there are other ways to get to london, but I’d check earlier and the cheapest way was by Easy Bus and although they kindly allowed us to take the earlier bus, we still didn’t fancy walking around London at 2am trying to find our hotel, ha ha ha.
Malaysia is much easier with the ERL and its paid in RM!!!!! not 6 times more like paying in sterling, LOL
Anyway, next time I’ll take up my friend’s offer and scoot off to her place near Stansted after arriving before painting London red 🙂

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