With Air Asia, the Eiffel Tower is a possiblity :)

17 09 2009

I’m not advertising for Air Asia here and I know they have plenty of weak areas but I’m just practicing one of the things I’ve learnt this week – to have a grateful spirit 🙂

Seriously, I never thought I’d ever go to the UK again, much less Paris!! I’m still so blessed to have bought my Air Asia AND Eurostar tickets at such good prices. I’m also very blessed to have gotten my hotels at such god rates.

So here are some shots of the Eiffel Tower and tiny me


Can you see the lift in the back, right leg of the tower? That’s also where the people walk up the stairs. From where I was, they looked like little ants!


The tower is HUGE – our KL Tower is no comparison to this.


Me at the base of the tower. All four legs have lifts and steps for ascending the tower, but one of the legs were closed for maintenance when we were there. We noticed that maintenance was a major part of Paris and London, which means that things are kept in GOOD working order – something we Malaysians need to learn


The long queues put us off wanting to go to the top – moreover, we already had a taste of Paris from the top of the Notre Dame and that amazing feeling was still lingering in us.


Petrol stations do not require huge pieces of land like they do here in Kuala Lumpur


Can’t quite remember the name of this place but I think its the Hotel des Invalides where the Musee D=de l’Armee  is (Musee means Museum – clever me :p)


I mentioned that the train doors do not open automatically, some are press button door openers but this one is a latch and you have to lift it up.

Its probably in this train or somewhere at this metro station that I dropped Allan’s Nokia E71 – Ouch, ouch and ouch again!!!

Didn’t realize it till much later. This photo, however, was to be taken with Allan’s mobile phone camera. Some voice kept telling me to use his phone but I pushed it aside and asked Allan for the camera instead. I keep thinking now, if I had reached for his mobile, would I have discovered it had dropped out of my pocket and maybe found it on the floor of the train somewhere? Sigh, I realize that every single time I do not listen when I feel something deep in my spirit, I definitely regret!


Anyway, next, we headed to this beautiful place called Montmartre where there is a beautiful white dome chapel called the Sacre Coeur. This is a fabulous place to just spend half a day. There are great buskers here, the view is great, the village surrounding it looks beautiful, the atmosphere is just right.

Note that the roads are still the old cobbled ones


Beautiful houses


Nice cafes along the way and you can see the chapel in this picture. Well, when we reached the chapel, Allan asked me for his phone to take pictures with cos the camera’s battery went flat. 

and it was then that I realized the phone was no longer in my pocket


We both lost the mood to look around and rushed back to call Maxis to cancel the line – didn’t want somebody making calls on our roaming line! 

The good news I can tell you is that nobody did that – I just got the Maxis bill today. You know, I really wanted to make a report at the Metro station but our language was limited and when we got to my cousin’s place in Brighton, we asked her to call for us as she speaks French, but I found out that the number given on the internet for the Paris metro station was not correct. Till now, I still think I’d dropped the phone but most people are sure that it was pick pocketed cos THAT is one of the things that are pretty common in Paris. Beware.


We went back to this beautiful place another day and enjoyed ourselves there. More pictures soon 🙂





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