Goodbye Paris – final morning & one more photo from the previous night

21 09 2009

In my last post, I forgot to add this picture. See the girl and the guy on the far left? Well, we didn’t manage to capture this on time, but what they did as we passed them was that the girl lifted up her tshirt to show her bra and the guy took his pants off and showed his butt. 


As usual, we had Korean food for breakfast


Just a few pics to let you know what you get for 30 Euros per head

A bed and of course breakfast and dinner


There is not much to this B & B. Basically its just the bedroom, the bathroom and toilet


And the dining area which is private to the caretaker

We got internet access too, which is rather important


So we left Marie D’ Ivry station


By the way, Parisians are really slim and the station doors are narrow. We couldn’t get our big bag through it cos by the time we managed to squeeze the bag through, the door had closed

These are the exit doors which are slightly bigger. You do not need to put your ticket through anymore upon exit. The doors open automatically, like the doors of the hospital operating rooms 



Gard Du Nord, one of the main railway stations in Paris







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