Paris to London on Eurostar and onward to sunny Brighton by train

24 09 2009

We travelled back to London by Eurostar and saw much more since it was the 11+am train. Remember that you have to go through immigration at Gard Du Nord if you are heading for London. So give yourself an hour to be comfortably on time. There is a pretty long queue cos the Eurostar is a really LONG train which can take a lot of passengers.  Due to immigrant problems the UK is experiencing, its important to show proof that you will be leaving the UK when you enter. I remember a friend of mine visited London and then went on to Paris like we did. He made the mistake of leaving his return ticket (London-KL) in his friend’s apartment in London. On his return to London, the immigration were not very happy with him as he had no proof that he would be leaving the UK eventually. After some drilling, he thanked God that they allowed him to enter the UK.

We exited the station at Carriage no 30+ of the Eurostar and our carriage was the first few!!!! Long walk indeed.


Cafetaria carriage





Brighton is a delightful little town by the seaside with lots of character. 

This is the Brighton train station



Went to Burger King and wanted to use the toilet but they had a sign on it saying that they had closed the toilet to public use due to previous abuse of privileges. Finally went to the Travelers’ Lodge about 7 mins walk away. That is a good place to stay at because of the great location, the good price for a clean place. You’ll have to book in advance through the internet though.


We chose to walk by the beach



This is a lift door, you ring the bell next to it when you need to use it.


Just so interesting 🙂


The guy manning the lift was so friendly


One of the cheapest place to buy stuff, especially food, is at ASDA. This one in Brighton is one of the bigger ones in UK. I didn’t see any ASDA outlets in London though I’ve been told there are some. We bought our cheese, chocolates, junk food, tea and other stuff for friends and family at this ASDA. 

Look at the prices 🙂


Fruits that are still good but going for a bargain. We bought some fruits and vegetables to make a salad for dinner. My cousin had already prepared the main dish. It was a simple meal that night, but a GREAT one!


Our lettuce


The next morning, we bought a unlimited one day bus pass for 3 pounds 60 each and did our own city tour. Its easy, just look at the bus route map at the stand and check the number of the bus going into that area, then look at the numbers on display at that particular bus stand to make sure the bus you want will stop there. This is the same in Paris. If you have a good city map, it will be better. The first time is difficult, but you’ll get the hang of it by the 2nd time.

Can’t remember the name of this church but we stop the bus here because it is so interesting.


A lot of the graves here are really old, some of them contain many members of the family, for example, “mother and daughter re-united”, husband and wife and for some, almost the entire family.

We then realized that the daughter was buried above the mother’s body.


Churches here are not locked like the ones in Malaysia – anyone can just walk in, sit there and spend some time alone with God – a good practice, I feel. When we walked in, we thought we were alone and walked all the way to the front. After we turned to go out, my heart skipped a beat when I saw two people sitting at the last pew. Why skipped a beat? Well, it was quiet and dark in the church, we were quiet AND the 2 people were also quiet. Can be a bit scary, ha ha ha. Wonder if we gave them a scare too?


I like this welcome greeting – that should be the essence of our faith and the way it relates to human kind.


The church building was so big that the door look really cute and small.



Millets – one of the places selling outdoor stuff, including clothes (Western Road). The other places to look at include Snow + Storm and Kathmandu. We bought a couple of traveling trousers each. These are really comfortable, light weight, easy to dry, non-crease and with many pockets, ideal for traveling. A pair of these beauties in KL would cost us above RM300 for the long trousers and at least RM150 for the shorts. There were sales in most of these, including Millets. Just to give you an idea, we paid about 52 pounds for 3 pairs of North Face trousers at Snow + Rock. That’s 50% off the regular price. IF you like the stretchable ones, look for the Kinabalu range at Kathmandu. By the way, Kathmandu comes from New Zealand, so maybe you can get it cheaper there. Anyhow, all 3 outlets are available at Brighton.

Another 2 good places to shop (for budget conscious Malaysians) are the Pound shop and Primark, both at Western Road, Brighton; and The Factory Shop and Reebok at the Waterfront, Brighton Marina. 


The Pavilion, a “playhouse” Palace built by one of the Kings. Its interesting because it looks like an Indian Palace on the outside but has a lot of Chinese design inside.


Remember studying about one of these in school? This was around before the days of the ATM, ha ha ha.



We were stingy, so didn’t pay to go in.


One of the lovely squares within the Brighton shopping area


Amazing shop – full of ORIGINAL armoury but selling at hefty prices, as expected, since they are original antiques




Allan’s play land – He was fascinated by the Samurai Swords



there are many interesting church buildings all over the UK


Quaker meeting signboard. Hope you can read it.


Narrow alleys are clean and NO human urine smell!


More on Brighton next……




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