Last leg in London – Spitalfields market, Iraqi-an food, where can you see a Malaysian flag in London and goodbye to UK

27 09 2009

Went to Spitalfields Market on the second last day of our holiday. Visiting markets is always one of the things we do when we travel as that is where we get stuff for work, especially costumes.

Its always better to see and try on the costumes ourselves rather than buy them online. This hat we bought will be going to our costume room.


Between spitalfields market and Bricklane road is where we found this couple from Iraq selling what looked like Nasi Brianyi. It tasted good and was going for a good price. We enjoyed it.



The stall selling this


Allan having a great time choosing his food


Our tourism Malaysia seems to have their office at Trafalgar Square, just opposite the National Gallery

BenderaMalaysia flying proudly in London


Finally, its time to go home. The bus to Stansted is in front of the Allsop Arms pub.




Our stuff – had more bags going back – bought mostly work stuff



Our dinner before we left London – 1 pound 80 for half a roast chicken bought from Marks and Spencers.


We want to thank God for the great time we had together, the sights we saw together, the bargains we bought together and the weight we lost together – really one – lots of walking ma 🙂





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