My Own Farmville

28 09 2009

In my garden, most of the fruit trees are at least 90% ready with some of them ready to be harvested, hee hee hee 🙂

I have my own Farmville at home (for those who don’t know, erm, Farmville is a game on Facebook)


From the farthest, the mango tree, the rambutan tree and the Ciku tree, 

and all our fruit trees bear really sweet delicious fruits, slurp 🙂


Up close, here are the mangoes


and here is the ciku, unfortunately, the rambutan tree is 0% ready at this point of time – no rambutan pictures

I wish I could get my friends to visit my farm just like in Farmville and chase away the squirrels who eat the ciku fruits


and here is the banana tree – its my favorite Rastali type – and this batch is the first fruit – yummy, can’t wait!


You can be sure I keep an eye on this tree everyday, just in case the monkeys come to attack the bananas

Here’s the papaya tree and below it, we have a sugar cane plant, though its a bit on the thin side


Outside the house, we have another mango tree, a coconut tree and a cempedak tree – erm, still 0% ready :p




4 responses

28 09 2009
Paul Long

What?!!! No durian tree??!!!!

29 09 2009

Paul, but OF COURSE the mandatory durian tree exists. In fact, Paul, it’s the mandatory durian TREES! we have 2 at the office – guarded by 3 dogs! ha ha ha :p

29 09 2009

Monkey attack? How about human attack?

8 08 2010
tony lee

The papayas were fatastic, texture and taste.
Tks for the chance to taste out.

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