JAKARTA for the budget conscious

22 10 2009

As the title suggests, the stuff in this blog are for travelers who either need to or want to be budget conscious. And for those who are reading this from my Facebook, and can’t understand why I have it there, well, its because my blog is linked to my Facebook Notes. Anything I blog about goes there automatically.

Our trip to Jakarta was made at the 12th hour and mainly because we needed to get some stuff that we ordered. The courier charges more or less equalled 2 air tickets, so we decided to spend the money on ourselves. 

Right, lets get straight into it.

1) KNOW that you are spoiled for choice between MAS, AIR ASIA and KLM – just google all 3 websites for the best deal

2) KNOW that you can book hotel rooms through the internet (we looked at Agoda and Latestays.com) OR you can book your room at the Jakarta airport after immigration – the extra edge is that you can bargain for free airport/hotel transfer.

3) Choose to arrive in the morning after rush hour, or you will get to experience Jakarta traffic first-hand – NOT nice!

4) Exchange rates are BETTER in KL. For a 1 night/2 day stay, 700,000 rupiah per person is sufficient for your transport, food and AIRPORT TAX. Hotel accommodation and shopping NOT included. To make calculations easier, every 10,000Rp=RM3.70. Every RM1=2,725Rp

5) PLEASE REMEMBER to set aside 150,000 rupiah per person for your AIRPORT EXIT TAX – they only accept RUPIAH!

6) ONLY take taxis that use the meter – we use the BLUE BIRD company (SILVER BIRD if you want a limousine)

Okie, here are the pics.

MAS doing pretty ok with the food as usual, nice breakfast for a 1 hour 45 mins flight, Ferrero Rocher for everyone KL-Jakarta. 

Allan with his nasi lemak


Me want Roti!!


Thousands of sheep floating in the sky


Approaching Jakarta


Jakarta North



Taxi stands are just outside the airport, go to the counter you want and inform the attendants that you want a cab

Silver Bird is the metered limousine service


Blue Bird is the normal cab service


Humbled to see that the best car I drive is but a taxi in Jakarta 🙂  (the other 2 cars we have are a Kancil and a Datsun 120Y) 


This is where you wait for the Blue Bird cab


Don’t fret if you don’t see any cabs here cos the attendant will call for one and there are so many cabs around that its pretty efficient. Can’t vouch for peak hours though.


The blue cab is ……………. a blue cab 



We paid 100,000 Rp for our cab to Mangga Dua Square although the meter was only 79,000 Rp. Just doing our bit to make a cabbie happy


When waiting in a standstill car, there are certain rules to remember:

1) Lock all doors

2) Close all windows

3) Do NOT look or make eye contact with the “traders” who are walking up and down between the cars. 

I managed to “steal” a few shots


Life is not easy for the man on the street in Jakarta


Canals or rivers run into Jakarta. Sometimes they spill over to the road when there is high tide


Mangga Dua is the place to stay if all you want to do is shop. Frankly, there is nothing much else to do in Jakarta. Don’t get me wrong, there are lovely places in Indonesia for touring, but I’d say that Jakarta is more towards business and shopping.

Our hotel, the Ibis Mangga Dua – smack right in the heart of the shopping mecca with China town and Mangga Dua Square within walking distance.


There was a 6.1 strength earth quake 2 days before we arrived, so the coward practical and wise being in me asked for the lowest floor. Unfortunately, all their non-smoking floors were situated from the 15th floor upwards. Since I preferred that, I asked for the lowest non-smoking floor and got the 16th floor. Taking the key, I envisaged myself running down 16 flights of stairs, trying not to trip over! Just before leaving, I found out that Ibis was “designed and constructed with every consideration given to earthquake safety” and that I should STAY in my room in the event of an earthquake. But that’s going to be in another day’s post  🙂


Paid USD51+ for our room, no breakfast. It retails for slightly more if you walk in, but you might not get a room cos this is a popular hotel.

Room is comfortably big – Decorations and man in the picture NOT included in the price of the room.


Another view of the room without the distracting man


Room has a TV, connecting shower/toilet, fridge but no safe


Everything OK in the bathroom except there is no hairdryer and no conditioner – no problem for me, but those who need it might want to note this.


What we came to Jakarta for


We didn’t order this, but the smart business streak in them quickly advertised this “D—-” look alike to us – hoping we would buy more 🙂


We had 7 mascots and tried to squeeze them into less packages.


Took us almost 2 hours, but we finally decided on 3 boxes and 1 bag. Left 3 mascots to be sent by post.


Next, Mangga Dua Square and Chinatown PLUS FOOD!!!




5 responses

22 10 2009
Paul Long

What exactly was the business part of this trip? Shopping for entertainment stuff? 🙂 I thought maybe you were going to set up a new branch in Indonesia 🙂

23 10 2009

paul: maybe we shud set one up in NZ, then can go and pastor a church there too 🙂

23 10 2009
Paul Long

Alan, Veron, consider coming for the NZ magic convention and meet other magicians here etc. Market quite small but a lot of pros.

http://www.scmc.co.nz/ (then go to convention link)

24 10 2009

paul, by the time we get back from a month long trip to US next May, we’d almost be beggars, where got money to go to New Zealand some more? ha ha ha 😀
thanks for thinking of us though. one day we’d make it to NZ land, but it’ll be good if we can do something worthwhile other than travel 🙂

4 07 2013
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