Way to go, Angie!

29 10 2009

Although there is one more post to go for the Jakarta series of blogs, I need to put this blog up first, because this is important to us.


Angie came to this world loudly announced – she was on the FRONT page of the Star Metro newspaper nation wide

Her specialty? Well, she was chosen to arrive on Christmas Day, four years exactly after her sister, Anna was born.

We have 2 Christmas babies in our family. This picture with Anna and I, was taken a few days after she was born. 


A special moment with big brother, Andy whom she loves to bits


Angie has always been and still is, the most cheerful girl in the home

She is very accommodating, incredibly active and  fiercely independent (and sometimes stubborn)


That’s Angie on the right and Andrea in the centre but do you know who the girl on the left is?


So why the sudden write up about Angie?

Well, we have been through a lot with her. We loved and enjoyed her cheerfulness and cheeky naughtiness but we also struggled with her where her education was concerned. Angie just took a long time to decide that as long as she was a student, 
studying was her responsibility. There were very difficult times when she didn’t do well at all.

But today, she graduated from her high school ………


….. Angie didn’t attend the most prestigious cluster or smart school in Malaysia ……..


……. she didn’t get straight A’s for her final exams …….

…… but she worked hard and ……..

graduated TOP of her class!!! 


And we are the proudest and happiest parents in the whole wide world 🙂



With Joanne


her classmates



We’re SO PROUD of you, Angie, not only because of your academic achievements but because you determined to change, you determined to work hard and you allowed God to mould you into the beautiful person you are today.



And we know this is not the last time you’re going to be wearing that graduation gown – we’re looking forward to the next graduation 🙂




3 responses

2 11 2009
Paul Long

Great post. Congrats from em as well. For me what is more important than being academically smart and doing well is good attitude and a willingness to be disciplined and focused. That’s a whole lot tougher and when results are achieved this way. Wow! God is also honored.

Amazing how fast our children grow up ….

10 11 2009

Congratulation, Angie. A start of future good news for us to share.

15 11 2009

Woohoo! #1 in your grad class is quite an accomplishment! Just stumbled across this blogpost… Congratulations on the graduation from high school! (although the worst is yet to come/SPM/). Haha, as you enter this period of exams, maybe you be blessed with a clear and sharp mind while at the same time remembering that our Heavenly Father will always give his children the BEST! All the best with the exams and look forward to writing that LAST paper!

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