Leaving Jakarta and the HSBC lounge at the airport

3 11 2009

If there is ONE thing you MUST remember, its that you MUST have 150,000.00 IDR in CASH when you leave Indonesia – Yes, per person!

The poor guy in the queue ahead of me didn’t have sufficient IDRs and his proposal to pay in US$ or credit card was rejected at the check in counter. Imagine if you’re late for boarding and still have to dash to the money changer or the ATM?


The Hongkong Bank in Jakarta has its branch within the airport, and so they have a lounge there too. Cardholders enter at 1 IDR but I think others use the lounge for a higher fee. 

Its a pretty comfortable place to rest in, complete with free wifi, TV, reading materials, food, rest room and flight info.




The food didn’t make much of a difference to us since we were flying on MAS but it certainly would have been useful if we were on Air Asia.

The spread is just nice in terms of the variety – not too much and not too little 🙂

This is the Premier side, apparently the Platinum members have a better spread on the other side of the room




Goodbye Jakarta





3 responses

25 03 2010
Airport Lounge

You say ‘Cardholders enter at 1 IDR’. Is that any cardholder, including those from the UK?

25 03 2010
Allan Yong

Yes, any HSBC credit card holder – worldwide 🙂

11 11 2012

you mean as long as we are HSBC card holder, we can entry Jakarta Airport lounge at 1 IDR?

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