The story of an old faithful

2 01 2010

In 1995, we sold off our van and bought an old, small little Datsun to use. The proceeds of the sale were used to finance Allan’s exploratory trip to USA before we ventured into the entertainment business. In the years to come, we bought bigger vehicles for our “growing” family  (The children were growing) and to accomodate the business’ needs. Although the cars came and went, we kept the old little Datsun. It was useful as an extra car whenever our staff needed one. Later, we sold it to Ah Hui for RM1,000.00 but he didn’t want to transfer the ownership of the car to his name – it was just too complicated for an old car as far as insurance was concerned. When he went back to Miri after about 6 years with us, he returned the car to us. Although the car was literally falling apart (erm, I shall not mention who was responsible, ha ha ha), it was still running alright and was still used!

Last month, we found out that we could surrender the car to be scrapped and get paid RM5,000.00 for it in exchange for purchasing any Perodua car. So we decided to end its life *appropriate music comes in here*.

What have we learnt from this car?

  • Old things are not necessarily useless
  • Do not judge a book by its cover
  • We need to remember people and things who/that have served us well and be grateful for them
  • We need to count our blessings for all that we have and all that God has provided
  • Remembering our roots is good for our soul

This old faithful was also a great test for those who were asked to drive her – would they hesitate because others would laugh at them? was it beneath them to drive such a car? I’d like to insert a lesson for young (and sadly, older people too) here. Its not what you drive that makes you, respect comes from being who you are, how you carry yourself and so on. Is it better to drive an old car and be debt free or to drive a brand new car and be heavily in debt? If you can say, “self-gratification comes last”, and are able to do a simple thing such as drive an old car so that you can save up some money, then I think you will succeed 🙂

So, although the Datsun was not a handsome or expensive car, we felt it deserved a place in our blog.  This car started together with us in the business and has a special place in our hearts.

Farewell, BBD 8666, may you rest in peace. Thank you for your services and we are proud of you.

The replacement – also a small car 🙂




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