Be it a dog, a lady or a baby…….

27 08 2010

Some of you know that our dog Hyper, was knocked down by a car 2 days ago. Allan was taking the dogs for their morning walk. This lady in her car, came rushing through the narrow side road, obviously in a rush to get to her destination, ran over our dog, Hyper, and then just drove off. A lot of motorists use this side road as a means to beat the traffic jam in the mornings. We can see that most of them are in a rush.

So I think, this is just so typical of us, myself included. We want to get to where we want, what we want, and so on and there have been many times when we don’t really think nor care for those we hurt on the way, as long as we get what we want.

This lady didn’t even stop to make sure everything was ok, maybe because it was “only a dog”?  When we allow our minds to think “its only a ….” we take the first step towards numbing ourselves to the pain of another life. This process in its extremity makes us immune to the pain of another human life. Is that why mothers and fathers can throw their own flesh and blood into the dump, allow insects to bite them alive, allow them to burn from the blistering heat, allow them to die a slow and painful death?

And to those of my friends who urged us to report her, well, we can’t, because Allan didn’t get the number plate of the car. He was too concerned about the dog, and maybe he thought she would be human enough to stop and ask if everything was alright.

I just thought to myself. In her hurry, this lady just drove really fast even though it was a narrow side road. WHAT IF THERE WAS A KID THERE? My dog could easily have been a child walking with his dad in the morning.

The newspapers tell us that some Malaysians are getting so immune to pain and sin that they have no qualms about hurting another human being. One day, its a baby being dumped; oh sorry, my mistake, its BABIES being dumped! Another day, we hear of the senseless death of a 50+ year old lady who died because the guy just wanted her valuables. Then we read of this guy who ran down a girl on her bicycle and then took her into the woods to rape her. The list goes on……

I’m going ahead to put up these pictures of Hyper all although some people might find it a bit grotesque. I just want to send a reminder to all of us. Plan our schedules so that we don’t have to rush, and when we have to rush, we still need to slow down when there is a danger of killing or injuring another life.

Hyper is going to be alright, she will take 2 months to heal because the bone is fractured too. In 2 weeks time, the leg might have to be put in a cast.

This could have been a child……

by Veronica, 27th August 2010




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